Eco-responsibility: Beach House Rum is committed to the preservation of coral!

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Beach House Rum is committed to the preservation of the planet and has decided to take action in a coral reef regeneration project in Bali: The Pejarakan project.

The protection and preservation of our planet is a priority for the Beach House crew. Each one of us is working every day to save our planet, our oceans,  and our personal beliefs are at the soul of Beach House Rum. 


We are taking action towards this preservation project through Beach House rum, which represents our way of life. One that is free, nomadic, and with style. But above all, eco-responsible and ocean-friendly. For this reason, Beach House rum is a proud sponsor ofThe Pejarakan project. A coral reef regeneration action in Bali (see details below).

To bring you with us on this journey, we have teamed up with Gifts for Change to design Beach House bracelets to share with you. The bracelets serve as a reminder for the work we are doing together behind Beach House rum to protect the coral reefs in Bali, improving the practices of local people, the living conditions, and economy of the entire region.

And wearing this bracelet reminds us everyday how important it is to do our best to save our oceans, our planet!

Bracelet coral protection
Beach House Rum bracelets with Gifts for Change


The Pejarakan project is not far from Bali Barat National Park, in Northwest Bali, which is recognized worldwide for its array of native biodiversity, both on land and in the sea. The project works towards regenerating, preserving, and restoring this unique biodiversity. Pejarakan is a village of farmers and fishermen who are dependent upon the natural environment for their subsistence. However severe environmental degradation over the last several decades has led to the loss of the native biodiversity and economic stability. The villagers are determined to conserve and restore their marine, coastal, and terrestrial ecosystems through community led initiatives targeted at promoting sustainable ecotourism in the area.

If you want to know more about this project here is a little video :

Thank you for your participation and assistance to support and protect our beautiful planet!

Beach House Team


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