Mauritius Island: Beach House Rum’s homeland

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Beach House Rum was born out of the free-spirit of Mauritius Island, in the beautiful Pamplemousses region. Ready for a visit?

Pamplemousses Region, Mauritius.

Beach House Rum was born in Pamplemousses, the lush tropical region located in the northwestern part of Mauritius.

top view north mauritius island

View of the North of Mauritius island and Creve Coeur village from the summit of Mount Deux Mamelles located in Beau bois, Mauritius 

Its name “Pamplemousses”, means “Grapefruits” in french, was given to the region for its natural abundance of grapefruit trees. Today this region is best known for its rich sugar and natural beauty, attractive to cosmopolitan tourists.

A sugar village

 Pamplemousses has a long history as an important sugar village. Visitors always make the stop to tour the local sugar museum. The former sugar factory of Beau Plan has been fully restored and offers an interactive museum. This place preserves the memory of the Mauritian sugar industry.

mauritius map
Pamplemousses, Mauritius Island

A walk in Pamplemousses is a walk through a time capsule of the island. Stroll through the old powder mills, cemeteries, the famous “Pamplemousses Garden”, colonial-style houses, and the old sugar factory converted into a museum.

Beach House is a true representation of its region, conceived between the fields of sugarcane, spices and  grapefruits …

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