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It’s quite by chance, during a trip to Paris (France), that we came across a super trendy surfer bar: “La Surferie”. It became immediately one of our favourite spots in the french capital city.

La Surferie is a bar, but above all, it’s a story of passion. Christophe, the owner, is a super fan of the sea and surf, and realized his dream: to create a bar where he can share his passion.

beach house at la surferie

What we loved about La Surferie? The feeling of leaving the big city life behind and getting into a kind of beach hut where the wood and pictures of surfers cover the walls. It’s quite like being at a beach bar… but in the middle of the city! 

la surferie

« Beach house and its universe around the beach & surf has its place at La Surferie. We speak to the same people or at least those whom this universe attracts.  » said Christophe.

The concept

Organize bi-monthly « SURF HOUR » evenings where Parisian surfers are invited to meet each other. We propose during these evenings a concert, a film, a product or highlight people who work in this environment (concept, shaper, creator, expo, youtuber) : everything which is supposed to interest surfers.

The purpose of these evenings

The goal is to bring people together around things that interest them. In fact, even if there is a nice community, everyone is on their side. The only place to build social ties it’s still the bar, and thanks to these special evenings, they know that they will meet people that share the same passion. 

The general atmosphere

A very relaxed atmosphere, made of exchanges and discussions with an interest for people or concepts that we highlight. Smiles and good vibes are always out : the perfect atmosphere of beach bars!

La Surferie from the street, Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud.

To resume

The Surferie is the place where you will love to chill, spend good time, forget that you are in town, and enjoy Beach House Rum through different cocktails.

La Surferie
69 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud
75011 Paris

Beach House Team


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